HTML5 Windows 95 Emulator

This is the live preview of the development of the HTML5 Windows 95 Emulator. This page will be updated every few days with the ever-changing source of the GitHub repository.

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Note: WebKit and Blink support (Chrome, its derivatives and Safari) is currently limited. I am working on fixing this, but for the mean time, I recommend using a Gecko-based browser such as Firefox or SeaMonkey. Users of Mac OS and Linux may suffer font issues, as the emulator is currently set to use the "Microsoft Sans Serif" font. (what Windows 95 uses) We will provide an alternative font in the future.

This Windows 95 emulator is not an actual emulator. It cannot run Win32 code, and therefore, poses no competition to the actual product. Windows, Microsoft, Windows 95 and all related components, images and logos, are property of Microsoft Corporation. The team behind the HTML5 Windows 95 Emulator is not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation in any way.